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jekyll-xkcd-embed: Plugin for easily embedding xkcd comics into your blog posts

In everyday conversation, there’s often a relevant-xkcd-moment. When the conversation has reached a state which has been described in a xkcd comic. In writing, these moments occur too. This is why decided that we needed an easy way to embed xkcd comics in our blog posts.

jekyll-xkcd-embed is a plugin that allows you to embed a xkcd comic very easily. You can embed a comic by using: {% xkcd 6 %}. This will then result in either a link if no comic was found, or the comic in the following format:
"Self-Description" - created by xkcd

You are now ready to use the plugin, but you probably want to do some styling of the image so let’s look at the returned HTML. Say we embed a non-existing xkcd, for example comic #0. Then, a 404 error is returned by xkcd and the embed will return the following code:

<span><a href="">xkcd-0</a></span>

If a comic was found, the image is returned within the HTML figure element. This figure has class “xkcd-embed” and contains the image of the comic as a link to the included page. As well as the title (or mouseover) text of the comic.

<figure class="xkcd-embed">...</figure>

For the title of the comic and the attribution, the figcaption element is used. Which includes the comic title with suffix: ” - created by xkcd”, where xkcd is a link to

<figcaption>"title" - created by <a href="">xkcd</a></figcaption>

That is all there is to it. Let me close this second meta post of with another embedded xkcd comic:
"Hofstadter" - created by xkcd